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Getting Started

Preparing your handwriting sample.

bulletWrite with a pen you like.
bulletPlease write your handwriting sample on unlined paper.
bulletDo not copy your sample, do not worry about appearance of writing, neatness, cross-outs or spelling.
bulletWrite in your usual script.
bulletWrite from the heart.
bulletYou can write about goals, anything that you want Kathleen to look at specifically, and anything that you think will be helpful to her analysis i.e., the surface you write on, injuries to your writing hand, left handed etc.
bulletThe more you write the more relaxed you become and the more shows up in your writing.

Sending Kathleen your sample.

bulletPlease indicate the services you want.
bulletRefer to the services page for all services and pricing.
bulletPlease include your check made out to Kathleen Dickinson.
bulletSend your writing sample(s) and check to: Kathleen Dickinson P.O. Box 90852 Henderson, NV 89009-0852.
bulletKathleen will complete your handwriting analysis within 7 days.



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