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Comments about Kathleen's Handwriting Analysis:

bullet"When I first went to Dynamic Impressions, I had my handwriting analyzed by Kathleen and was amazed at the insight that it provided into not only who I was, but also the person I was striving to be. I was overweight and had an overall negative picture of myself so I started working with Kathleen through hypnosis and handwriting analysis to improve this particular aspect of my life. Along the journey to improved self-worth and higher self-esteem (and a thinner me!), I discovered so much about myself and explored issues that I wasn't even aware still invaded my life and my subconscious. Several members of my family have worked with Kathleen as well and we all have benefited from it in our relationships with one another as well as in our dealings with the other people in our lives. Today I am the confident, happy, attractive person that I knew I could be; I was fortunate to have found someone who could help me forge a path to the place I am now."

-T. S.
Reno, Nevada

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I'm sending copies of both of Melissa's report cards and really wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your assistance in opening up my mind and allowing her to try Washoe High School.  I could not be more pleased.  She has really put forth alot of effort and has made an amazing attitude adjustment - but so have I!  Everything in our house is as pleasant this year as it was unpleasant last year and I really do thank you.  Denise"  Reno, Nevada
The June 1997 Reno-Sparks Chamber Business newsletter took "A serious look into the future:  Leadership Reno Youth explore life after high school" and stated "The biggest hit of the day, had to be Kathleen Dickinson of Dynamic Impressions, who analyzed each participants handwriting and shared suggestions on potential careers and lifestyle modifications based upon their handwriting."

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"Dear Kathleen:
The Washoe High School Junior Achievement Learning Center would like to thank you for coming to our center and sharing your expertise.  We were amazed at how accurate and precise you were.  Some of us felt that you were so "right on" that we thought that our teacher had told you all about us already.  It is eerie how much you can tell about us from our writing.  We truly appreciate you coming.  Thanks again, Junior Achievement"

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Comments about Kathleen's Classes :


Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for a wonderfully enjoyable afternoon. You brought a
great deal of joy and insight to our group. I want to personally thank you
for the grace and wisdom that you presented. Good Light.

Warren Robinson, Instructor
No Limits Charter High School

P.S. Your humor made us breathe well! Laughter is good for the soul and the breathing.

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