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This is short excerpt is an example of what can be learned in a
compatibility report.

September 18, 2002

Mr. John Smith & Ms. Jane Jones
P. O. Box 123
Somewhere, CA 00000  

Dear John and Jane,

Thank you for the opportunity to analyze your handwriting.  Please email me or call me with any questions you have on the analyses.  Take some time to digest it.  You may want to read it upon receipt and then read it again in a week, again in a month, and again in a year or so (in other words periodically).  Our writing matures and changes as events occur in our lives.

Regarding your compatibility, you have lots of areas of compatibility.  Compatibility is a feeling of empathy or rapport.  As long as both people understand each other, the level of compatibility is increased greatly.  You both have tools here to understand each other.

You both have an appreciation for esthetics.  You are both bright, although you think and perceive in different ways.  Your emotional measuring systems are different, so something that might hit John strongly may not hit Jane strongly and vice versa.  You both have good manual dexterity, attention to detail and dignity.  In regards to your attention to detail, you may find that you pay attention to different details.

John you have a bit of pessimism and fatalism in your writing.  Pessimism can be good for troubleshooters.  Fatalism is something you probably need to talk with a counselor about.  Jane on the other hand is an optimist with extreme open mindedness.  A simple example how I have seen pessimism and optimism took place during the fifth game of the Angels and the Giants in the 2002 World Series.  Both were rooting for the Angels.  The pessimist turned off the television during the game when the Angels were down because he said “they are not going to win, you can see it in their faces and their body language, this is terrible”; the optimist said “turn it back on, all they need is a couple of players on base and a batter to hit a double and they will even up and win”.  You can imagine how this can play out in a variety of situations, and it can be a very serious dilemma.  These types of differences need to be discussed and prepared for so that the pessimist is not frustrated by too much optimism/perkiness and the optimist is not dragged down.

You both need time to play and have fun, so that might be something you focus on together.    Find out what you like to do together such as travel, garden, read books, listen to music etc.  Learn about the books and music you both like and/or dislike. 


Kathleen M. Dickinson, CGA

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