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Expert says handwriting analysis helps businesses.

 Saturday, September 4, 1993 Elko Daily Free Press, Elko, Nevada 

Handwriting analysis is a good business tool, according to certified Graphoanalyst™ Kathleen Dickinson of Reno, who is scheduled to present a seminar on effective communications Sept. 17 in Elko.

The seminar will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Room 130 of the Greenhaw Technical Arts Building at Northern Nevada Community College.

She has owned Dynamic Impressions since 1988 and her specialty is corporate and individual productivity enhancement. She said there are more than 100 personality traits and job skills that can be confirmed through handwriting analysis.

Analyzing handwriting can provide an understanding of an individual's personality, but it does not reveal such potentially discriminating characteristics as sex, age, religion or ethnic background, Dickinson said. 

Scientific research has been validating handwriting analysis for more than 60 years, and it is taught at the university level in Europe as well as being employed by many European corporations, according to a press release.

For her seminar, Dickinson will first help individuals gain an understanding of their own personalities by learning what their handwriting says about them. Understanding the self is an important first step to clear communication, she said.

"Once we begin to better understand ourselves and those around us, then we can begin to improve our communications, and effective communication is a major component of success" Dickinson said.

Second, she will focus on helping individuals recognize personality traits in others' handwriting, which can help them tailor their communication techniques to the needs of the listener.

Dickinson said an example might be a co-worker who has a very direct communication style. To communicate effectively with that co-worker, others should come right to the point.

"As much as we would like it to be the case, all people do not hear all things the same way," she said.

Her seminar is being sponsored by the Nevada Small Business Development Center and NNCC. The fee is $30. Reservations are available by contacting Tracy Echevrria at the center, 753-2245.

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