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This is a brief Graphoanalysis report for Beau Blackstone dated
April 11, 2001
, written by Kathleen Dickinson , CGA from samples written
April 5, 2001 .  Graphoanalysis is a trademarked name used by the
International Graphoanalysis Society in Chicago,
Illinois .  Graphoanalysis
is a form of handwriting analysis.

Beau, Graphology, or Handwriting Analysis, has been around for centuries.  Aristotle observed in the 4th century that "Spoken words are the symbols of mental experience and written words are the symbols of spoken words.  Just as all men do not have the same speech sounds, so do all men not have the same writing."  The first surviving study of handwriting was written by Camillo Baldi in 1625 under the title "Treatise on a Method to Recognize the Nature and Quality of a Writer from his Letters." In succeeding centuries many persons followed through on this, namely: Goethe, Madame de Stael, Balzac, Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, as well as, Thomas Gainsborough who used writing samples to capture the personality of the subjects he painted. Handwriting analysis is an excellent tool for people to learn about themselves, to get more insight and ease within their relationships (that is business, romantic, friendship and family).  You can get information about vocational skills, protective mechanisms, social skills, thinking processes, emotional responsiveness etc.  It does not matter if you write with your hands, teeth, or feet; handwriting is your personality on paper.   The first thing I look at in handwriting is the rhythm, then the margins, spacing and depth. All of these things tell me something about the person's emotions, how they frame life events, and their consistency. The definition of rhythm is "Regular recurrence of strokes to the baseline. This also may be slant, in connectives with the baseline or in any repetitive movement. Rhythm influences both thought and action.

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Beau, your handwriting has become much more legible over the last 10 years.  Congratulations, clarity of writing indicates more clarity of purpose and feeling easier in the world.  Lets start out with the traits in your handwriting that pop out first.  The traits that jump out are:  strong ‘physical mindedness’, prevalent ‘rejection’ and ‘regression’, fluctuating energy level, consistent ‘rhythm’, and ‘color appreciation’.

Okay, Beau so your rhythm is excellent, see above for the definition.  Your rhythm allows you to be good creating timelines and in organizing your priorities.  You know, when someone asks you to do something, if it will take 30 minutes or 30 days.  ‘Physical mindedness’ is shown in the loops of the letter ‘p’ and means that your mind wants you to use your body to release stress and tension.  Sitting behind a desk for 8 hours at a stretch is not for you.  You need to be up and moving around.  Your current job is good for that.  Combining your physical mindedness with your color appreciation shows your interest in movement as a philosophy, which can include tai’chi, yoga, and dance, Pilates, martial arts, walking and any other movement.

Your ‘color appreciation’ is shown when you like to write with wider nibs, stronger ink colors and stronger depth of writing.  Color appreciation means color sense it is an appreciation of anything that appeals to the senses.  Not only does it exist in pigments but also in tones of music and colorful words.  Heavier writing indicates it.  It is often an aspect of literary efforts.

Ah now, you want to know about the regression and rejection.  This is the area in the past where I said you would make a good criminal.  I still think you would make a good cat burglar, stealth, black garb and all of that.  Of course your ethics and belief in karma would prevent you from doing it but go ahead and include it as a character or plot in one of your books.   “Regression is a reversion to an earlier mental or behavioral level.  The person reverts to the past to times where there was more security.  This is indicated by lower extenders that revert to the past and do not return to the base line.”  I don’t know that there was ever a lot of security or stability in your life, but I do see where you return to the past on certain subjects, such as, ethics, courtesies of a past time, history, qualities of people from the past etc.

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“Rejection, in Graphoanalysis, describes one who has experienced emotional trauma strong enough to bring about rejection of a loved one or a cherished hope or belief.  The writer also may have been disappointed, disillusioned or rejected.  Shown by the reversal of a lower loop in the g, j, q, and y.”  This, I truly believe, is a core issue for you Beau.  I also find it interesting that the only place in your handwriting where you have ‘defiance’ is in the name Robert, the letter ‘R’ buckle shows defiance which is “open resistance to authority or opposition.  The defiant person frequently shows such traits as independent thinking, resentment, stubbornness, etc.  I find it interesting only because a person with strong ‘rejection’ often compensates with ‘defiance’ and you are not doing that.  I also think it is interesting that it is only in your birth name first letter – you can deduce some things there even better than I can – you know where the name came from and all associations with the name through your school years.  You also have some ‘self-consciousness’ which means feedback is very valuable to you.  Positive feedback can allow you to feel less rejected.

As I mentioned on the phone, you have more ‘frankness’ or ‘honesty’ in your writing now then you did years ago.  You would be very good as a drama teacher or a movement teacher.  Your intuition is also very strong.  You can do details at times and it depends on what kinds of details, you would have to enjoy them to do them for any length of time.  Overall, you are not that crazy about detail work, so this is something that you would be better off delegating elsewhere if it is something that is part of a project you are working on.  The examples that we talked about are:  photography, interior decorating, accessorizing etc.  Yes, you have the color appreciation, the philosophy, and the strategic planning ability to do all three of these professions, however, because of your boredom with details and the fact that you need to be moving around, these career tracks need to be done a little at a time instead of all at once for long periods of time.

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You have a natural enthusiasm for life, and quite often your energy level is up to any task required of you, but your current handwriting sample is showing a bit of fluctuation in the energy/will power department.  So make sure you are taking your B and C vitamins as well as your minerals.  Drink lots of water and be around green.  You have an excellent sense of humor and of the bizarre.  Sometimes you are open to new ideas and sometimes you are not, it depends on your time availability and your energy level.  You also do not suffer ‘fools’ gladly (your definitions of ‘fools’) so make sure you are assessing everyone and everything for the right reasons so that you do not miss out on opportunities.  You are acquisitive which allows you to collect anything that interests you, people, objects, information etc.  You have a sense of style and dignity.  Dignity is a protective mechanism that keeps us from being embarrassed.  You prefer people to be straight with you and not beat around the bush.  You have a dry sense of humor, which allows you to enjoy repartee.  You have empathy for others.  You have very good manual dexterity and that is with your hands and/or feet.

There is a little bit of social isolation going on in your writing.  Your writing is showing more action in the middle and lower zones and a shyness of the upper zone.  Upper zone is where the philosophy and spirituality lies; middle zone is the here and now, and the lower zone is the physical level.  I find this interesting because yes, your job requires a lot of action in the physical zone and the here and now zone because you are managing a small resort in a resort town, so you are dealing with the mundane, immediate needs of guests, employees, and owners.  However, there is so much of you that speaks in the upper zone, so I am surprised your handwriting is not correlating to the upper zone.  Unless you have integrated your philosophy so well into your day-to-day life, but that does not resonate for me.  So what I am sensing is that the core issue of rejection is inhibiting your colorful philosophical life – keeping you from going out into the world to sell your shtick.

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I think it is time for you to go forth Beau.  Sell your ideas; you have gone through the wringer learning everything you have learned so pick a safe avenue to sell on.  You can write fun books, using astrology, philosophy, bully/victim psychology, science fiction, regular fiction, science, etc.  It is time to bring that philosophy out of the mundane and have fun with it.  Honestly, you would make an excellent drama or movement teacher.  You have a tremendous amount of creativity.  You are very good doing what you are doing now, a barkeep without the alcohol.  The fact that so many lives cross your path everyday will keep you in plot lines for a long time.

Every time you find yourself going to the past, create a bridge to bring it into the present and then into the spiritual or into the future.  Is there any social group/activity happening in South Lake Tahoe that you would enjoy participating with?  You need a bit more social life with people who appreciate and enjoy the things you appreciate and enjoy.  Are there astrologers there?  How about starting a book club or an art appreciation club?  If you don’t like those ideas it is fine, create your own, but it would be valuable for you to be less isolated.

So laugh, play, write, create, color, draw, paint, build, drink water and socialize.  Ask me any questions that you have.  Good luck.  J ?

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