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"Invest in Yourself "
Individual And Commercial Productivity Enhancement

In her capacity as owner and proprietor of Dynamic Impressions, Kathleen Dickinson offers her breadth of experience to both individuals and organizations with the goal of facilitating personal and professional success.

Certified Graphoanalyst and Graphologist, Kathleen uses her training in handwriting analysis to bring to light hidden facets of personality with a goal of optimizing both the personal and professional. Individuals will find a new wealth of self-knowledge, enabling them to lead more productive and satisfying lives. In the corporate arena, handwriting analysis can be a valuable tool in getting the most from your employees and staff.

Explore this site and find how Dynamic Impressions can help you:

bullet Learn more about yourself and others through Handwriting Analysis
bullet Assign your employees to tasks that suit their individual talents
bullet Prevent differing communication styles from hampering effective teamwork
bullet Remove obstacles to personal and professional achievement
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